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Welcome to the Big Qual Analysis Resource Hub

On this website you can find a wide range of materials designed to help researchers think about, handle and analyse large volumes of complex qualitative and qualitative longitudinal data, including working with multiple archived data sets.

The hub is the outcome of an ESRC National Centre for Research Methods research project ‘Working across qualitative longitudinal studies: A feasibility study looking at care and intimacy’. The study examined the possibilities for developing new procedures and extending good practice for working across multiple sets of archived qualitative data. We wanted to know whether it is possible to do ‘big qual’ analysis while retaining all that is distinct about rigorous qualitative research.

The resources have been developed, produced and/or gathered by Professor Rosalind Edwards and Dr Susie Weller from the University of Southampton, and Professor Lynn Jamieson and Dr Emma Davidson from the University of Edinburgh. We have included papers, guest blogs from international experts, audio podcasts, teaching resources, as well as more detailed information about the project and our novel breath-and-depth method for big qual analysis that combines new computational techniques for analysing the breadth of large volumes of qualitative data, with more conventional methods of qualitative analysis that emphasise depth.