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The breath-and-depth method for analysing big qual

We developed an iterative breadth-and-depth approach that works between levels in combined multiple qualitative data sets, and adopted an archaeological metaphor to convey our practice of entering ‘big qual’ data with qualitative integrity. The process of moving between breadth and depth is conceptualised as assembling interpretive meaning from: an ‘aerial survey’ of archived data sets, a ‘geophysical survey’ of the overall features of the selected data sets to identify points of potential interest, ‘test pit sampling’ investigating the salience (or not) of those interesting features, and the ‘deep excavation’ that is familiar to most qualitative researchers.AU poster

To find out more, please listen to our NCRM audio podcast: Digging deep! The archaeological metaphor helping researchers get into Big Qual or download our open access article in Quality & Quantity: Big data, qualitative style: a breadth-and-depth method for working with large amounts of secondary qualitative data.