Mar 07

Welcome to the project

Welcome to the ‘Working Across Qualitative Longitudinal Studies’ blog. Here you will be able to follow our research process, the team discussions (and debates) and our findings as they evolve. We are very aware that accounts of qualitative research – especially the process of data management and analysis – are often sanitised by the time they reach academic journals. We also know that qualitative longitudinal research (QLR) has the capacity to add new layers of complexity to qualitative data analysis. This not only comes from the volume of data that QLR can generate, but also the disciplinary requirement to engage with temporality in all its forms across and between data sources.

One of the core elements of our project is to contribute to good practice in analysing large scale QLR, both within and across projects. It is incredibly important that our own analytical processes are not kept in a ‘black box’, shrouded in mystery. Rather, over the next two years, the project team (Emma, Lynn, Ros and Susie) will share our own struggles, deliberations and successes. We hope that by doing this we can enrich the landscape of QLR, and support other researchers as they journey through their own projects.

This blog will also include the experiences of others exploring the challenging world of qualitative longitudinal research. With guest posts from early career researchers, to international experts, on topics as varied as the ethics of using big qualitative data, using secondary qualitative data and computer-assisted qualitative data analysis software, we will profile the diversity of QLR taking place in the UK, and beyond.

If you would like to write for us as a guest contributor, please email us on to discuss.

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